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Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems Are the Backbone of Your Virtual Office

We are living in the world of BYOD, which means, “bring your own device” at the workplace. Smartphones and PCs are acting like the virtual desks of employees. Managers are happy because they do not need to process the findings of reports. Employees are happy because they are not required to report it to anyone; the transactions taking place in the system are creating reports on their own. Having a virtual desk is a time-saving and energy-saving exercise. Here, at vDesks, we are refining all the existing options and making them a bit more friendly with your business systems and operations as per your customized needs.

Simplify Your Office and Give a New Speed to Your Data Transactions with CMS

CMS or the Content Management System is a tool that creates an interface for an organization where people can share data and perform certain operations, which are important for the organization. Development and maintenance of an apt CMS are one of the core strengths of vDesks. CMS is an old practice, which is prevailing since the time of 1990’s, and it can be considered among the oldest practices of the IT industry. We have an experienced team of professionals and programmers to design various complex CMS structures and simplify them for the end-user interfaces. We have this expertise in introducing Sitefinity, Sitecore, WordPress, Umbraco, Kentico, Magento, BigCommerce and NopCommerce CMS for various businesses; these interfaces are getting very popular, because they all are end-user-friendly; and after we set any of these up for you, it enables you to update contents on your own! Globally too, they are getting very popular! These are apt solutions for small businesses and micro businesses as well. If you want to set up a small virtual office then we can also support your operations with Joomla, which is a mobile friendly, free & open source web content publishing platform.

Advantages You Can Look for with Our CMS Services

  • • Inline Editing
  • • Drag & drop interface
  • • Content personalization
  • • Multisite management
  • • Digital asset management

Programmers Wearing the Hats of Mangers

CMS is a tool of transition when an organization seeks out for a digital and virtual conversion of its database and operational methods. This is a very common practice these days. Cyberspace has seen a mushrooming of many organizations claiming that they are good at CMS. However, CMS is a different ball game altogether, where a programmer should wear the hat of a manager. Here, at vDesks, we understand these basics of CMS and plan interfaces in accordance with that. It means that after getting a brief from your side, we can design an interface for you, which will not only be able to handle your existing work, but it will also cater to your future needs as well. For instance, we can provide you Sitefinity services, these services are very apt when you are planning to expand in social media and engage various communities with the help of an online source, and it can be a powerful tool to enrich your virtual existence. Our programmers understand the core of Sitefinity and empower it as your social front office catering to your virtual business operations.

From Content to Information and Knowledge

Vdesks Solutions is a place, which is contributing to this digital transformation of the world where services and operations are finding a way on digital platforms and adding the ease of IT tools in the complex operations of your organization. We create systems; we train people on all the levels to understand the system; and finally, we can provide you IT support to manage, update and upgrade your system. Our basics are clear; your organization will feed content in the system; and then, the tools of our system will furnish it at the level of information, and with this information, you will be able to get all the necessary knowledge.

We have special safety mechanisms working by our side; most of these mechanisms are foolproof for the master-hackers. It is a secure interface where you can decide the transparency levels as per your choices. CMS is an expert job that requires a lot of understanding related to the managerial culture and environment; our expertise starts from here. Our team understands the basic essence of the “corporate culture” and organizational ladders, and this is why, we are able to deliver some polished interfaces of CMS.