vDeskS Solutions


Empower Your Virtual Desk Prudently and Cut Down the Intervention of Workforce!

Virtual Desk, clubbed together with a bit of artificial intelligence, holds the key of future organizations. Besides being a convenience, your Virtual desk, along with the support of vDesks programming team, can convert it into a 'one-man-show. As a team leader, share your views with our seasoned programmers. Share your business modules and we can support you with various business processes including HRMS, Lead management, travel booking system and E-Commerce (marketplace).

HRMS – To Sense Even in Your Absence!

Enable your virtual desk environment as an effective measurement tool for the efficiency of your team when you are on the go. We can create some tools in the form of various buzzers and other things. It means that you can trace the activity level of your employees, how many keys they punched, for how much time they were active etc. It is not snooping; it is a check-and-balance exercise, where you can guide your team simply by looking at their working modules and activity charts.

Lead Management – Great System to Govern Your System!

It is very difficult to adjudge the traffic coming on your website; according to some estimation, if people are searching your page for the purpose of information and your content is placed systematically, then, there are full chances that you will entertain a conversion ratio of 2 to 3 percent from your existing traffic. Now, vDesks can increase this number for your business by adding a lead management mechanism. This system can present meaningful reports and guide you about the key result areas of the queries. This can also schedule your auto-generated sales calls and can even help you in keeping a track of any particular visitor repeatedly. In a nutshell, we can say that, this system can help you in understanding the pulse of your customer and divert your attention towards the key result areas.

Travel Booking System – Race with the Pace!

Travel booking systems have certainly changed the phase of an industry for many sectors. Remember the days of software like Amadeus and Sitar; they were well-equipped high-end solutions, and now, when you look at the current virtual desk environment, then you can find that, it is practically possible to take your travel related bookings to an artificial intelligence level, and at the same time, you can bring your other booking systems to the level of existing travel booking systems.